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Preserve the royal elegance of your brows with our Touch Up service. Whether it’s retouching your Blade & Shade or Ombré brows, this service is tailored to refresh the color and definition, ensuring your brows continue to frame your face exquisitely. Available within specific time frames post your initial service, our Touch Up service is your ticket to maintaining a flawless brow look.


  • Refreshes and maintains the color and definition of your brows.

  • Extends the longevity of your initial brow service.

  • Ensures your brows continue to complement your facial features.

  • Provides an opportunity to adjust brow shape or color if desired.

Retouching previous Blade and Shade or Ombre brows:

**Within 4 months- $100**

**4-12 months- $200**

We highly recommend this to be done between 12 to 18 months after your last Microblading treatment. Two sessions are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to achieve the desired results. Some may require more than 2 sessions depending on skin type, aftercare, and lifestyle. ALL RESULTS VARY

* Please note: After 3 years, it will be considered a new service*

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